Restaurants Reservation

Restaurants Reservation


Website Development for Food Reservation & Delivery System for Restaurants


Restaurants reservation & food delivery system

Our Restaurants reservation & food delivery system is an online food ordering system that will add value to your existing or new food takeaway or restaurant website. This restaurants food delivery and reservation script is an online ordering system built in PHP and using MySQL to store the secured database. The Restaurants reservation & food delivery system can add a smart and robust functionality to any restaurant website. Once deployed, it is very easy-to-use. You will be able to create your restaurant menu, manage categories, orders, pick-up and delivery, payment options and vouchers. We can add any other special functionality that you want on request. You can also request custom modifications of the restaurants script. Our Restaurants reservation & food delivery system development team have immense experience in customization of websites to suit the needs of all our clients. The restaurants script will help you to

1. Create Menus: The Restaurants reservation & food delivery system allows you to create your menus. There are many templates available for menu creation and you will simply be able to choose one that matches our brand and logo.
2. Email & SMS Notifications: The restaurants script will let you send out automatic Email & SMS alerts triggered by different events. Create personalized messages to both customers and admins. You will also be able to receive emails from your customers and their arrival will be triggered by alerts so that you will be able to have a responsive customer service desk
3. Orders & Clients: The restaurants website development portal will let you see and edit all orders and review a detailed customer information. As the orders come in, your desk agents will be able to take the orders and ask relevant questions to personalize the order. No mistakes.
4. Pickup & Delivery: The reservation script system will let you offer your customers both pickup and delivery services adapted to their needs. The Restaurants reservation script has the functionality to offer customers different kinds of delivery systems offered by the company.
5. Meal Extras: The Restaurants reservation script will allow you to assign additional extras to meals (sauces, cheese, spices etc.) so that customers can add them to their orders. The Restaurants reservation portal gives you the room for more personalisation of customer’s meals.
6. Payment Integration: Collect deposit payments or the full order amount using PayPal, wire transfers, CC or cash on delivery with our Restaurants reservation script. Many payment gateways are provided which will make the customer experience a joy.
7. Vouchers System: The reservation portal will let you create voucher codes for discounts to be used when ordering food online from your restaurant.

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