Website information required

Required from Website Owners
Please go over these important information required to create your database website

1. Your Name
Please tell us your name and your role in the business (whether you are the Director or  Manager, Founder or proprietor) of the database website.

2. The name of the Company  
The name of your company as it will appear on your database website

3. Your Domain Name 
This is the that is used to access a website on the internet.  If you already have one, please tell us the domain name. 

4. Your Hosting provider 
Please tell us who is your website hosting provider if you already have one.  If you don’t, don’t worry, we will give you a free hosting for the first one year of your site.

5. Your company logo: 
The image logo of your company, if you don’t have one we will design one for you.

6. Your motto 
This is the catchphrase or cliché of your company 

7. Nature of your business: 
a. Please describe the nature of your business is as much details as you can 
b. Your Services– please list all the services you provide for your customers 

8. Company History: 
a. When did you incorporate your business? 
b. What is your mission statement? What are you out to achieve? 
c. Your successes? Send us the projects you want to showcase on your database website.

9. Personnel 
Tell us the bio of people working in your organisation, their roles and photos.  If you are the only one employed by your business at the moment, tell us something about you, this will be shown on your database website.

10. Your contact details,  
a. Your shop address 
b. Your email address, we can create and official one for you that matches the domain of your database website
c. Your phone/fax no 
d. Your facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube link

11. Images and photos 
Please upload all relevant images you want us to use on your website  Photos are better in high resolution to make good impact on database websites

12. Other info. 
if you have any other information uncovered by these heading that are relevant to your database website,  please feel free to sent them to us with notes on how you want them to be used

You can also download these required database website information by clicking on the link below.